I’m literally this *pinches finger and thumb* far from having a nervous breakdown. 2014’s end didn’t really go well for me now. Did it? But then again, its the end. So letting go of things, people and places is the best thing to do i guess. A lot of things happened this year. Some good some bad. I met a lot of people, visited new places and learned so much. That’s the most important thing. This year taught me a bunch of things and i’ve taken some of my life lessons from this year. 2014 is the year which changed me for good. I had to go through a lot of hardships but the hard work paid.

Now here’s the thing. As we start approaching the first day of every year, we come up with trucks full of promises or “new year resolutions” as we call them. But the question is, do we stick to them even for a week?

I think not.

But what if we do NOT make any resolutions for 2015?
Let’s not force ourselves to do something we are not going to do and feel guilty about a year later.

Why not just stick to the lessons we learned from 2014?

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to spread the message of living in the past and all that jazz. Im just trying to make a slight change in the way you think.

We all learned something from the previous year. It may mean very trivial to someone else but it might mean the world to you. Why “promise” about doing it? Why not just remind ourselves of the lessons we learned in 2014 every day of 2015. Those words you say to yourself will going to help you beyond measure.

Now the people who are going to come up to me and tell me that I’m a douche bag, wait. Yes. Some of you might think that a resolution ensures a guilt of not completing it. And that may push some people into doing it. To you I say 2 things.

1. The work you’ll be doing will be driven by guilt and hence half-hearted. Half-hearted work doesn’t go long. And
2. It will be more of a liability and will thus become a tedious task to do. Its human nature to resist work which is “supposed” to be done.

For example, if a person got sick and tired of their weight and thought of loosing some in the past year, maybe could not do it. Now instead of making a “resolution” of going to the gym every week-end and eating healthy, why not just say it to yourself once a day. After a week of doing it, one will expect of their hand to stop going to the piece of pizza on its own.

A student, who did nothing but chilled out the previous session probably failed. Now this year, instead of making a resolution – “I will study 6 hours a day” just says to himself “I have to study today” would definitely help him more than any other force will.

I could go on for years with examples but i need to stop. I’m sure you got the idea. So all you need to do is sit. And think. What all happened in 2014 and what all you’ve experienced and learned. Make a note of them and say them to yourself randomly. It will help you. I assure you that.

And at the end, wishing you all a very happy new year. May all your wishes come true.
Stay happy. Stay blessed. You already are 🙂